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Adopt a Pet

The City’s Animal Adoption and Pet Care Incentive Program allows Rancho Mirage residents to be reimbursed for adoption costs and pet care services.
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Animal Adoption & Pet Care Incentive Program
On September 23, 2014, the City Council amended the Animal Adoption Incentive Program by adding pet care services to the reimbursement. Along with the reimbursement for adoption fees (up to $100), residents can now be reimbursed up to $200 for pet care services when an animal is adopted from any municipal or county shelter or non-profit 501 (c) (3) rescue organization.

Current Rancho Mirage Pet Owners
For current Rancho Mirage pet owners, the City will reimburse for pet care services obtained from Animal Samaritans or any vet/agency for spay/neuter (dogs: maximum $85, cats: maximum $60) and microchipping (maximum $25).

Claiming Your Reimbursement
To claim reimbursement, please present the completed Reimbursement Request form along with the adoption and/or pet care services documentation and receipts to City Hall. Reimbursement is made to Rancho Mirage residents generally within two weeks from the date the City receives all required documents. (Limited to one reimbursement per Rancho Mirage household.)

Rancho Mirage Residency
Rancho Mirage Residency is defined as permanent and seasonal residents that spend more than five months out of the year during the season in the City. Proof is any valid photo ID (i.e. driver’s license or state-issued ID card) , plus one of the following items that must have a Rancho Mirage address: utility bill, property tax bill, or rental agreement or lease (with phone bill).

Rancho Mirage is A Pet Friendly Community
The Rancho Mirage City Council has long supported the CVAC Friends of the Animal Campus and Animal Samaritans in a number of ways. Rancho Mirage animal control functions operate from City Hall in order to provide an upgraded level of serve for residents. Priorities include educating the community about the benefit of spaying, neutering, licensing and microchipping; returning lost pets to owners quickly, and informing residents about the need to prepare to care for their pet during emergencies.

For more information, please contact Rancho Mirage City Hall at (760) 324-4511.