The mission of the Crime Prevention Officer is to provide crime deterrent services and programs to the citizens and businesses within the City of Rancho Mirage. Included in this endeavor are programs consisting of informative lectures, crime reduction programs, and outreach initiatives. These complimentary services not only assist in the suppression of crime but also minimize the fear and negative perception associated with crime through a working partnership between the police and the community. Crime Prevention Officer Codi Mix can attend various crime strategy meetings and assist with developing crime prevention strategies.

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CPTED Security Survey

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, or CPTED, is a crime prevention philosophy that attempts to apply physical design, citizen participation, and law enforcement strategies in a comprehensive way to protect neighborhoods and facilities.

The Crime Prevention Unit at the Rancho Mirage Police Department can provide a CPTED Security Survey for your home or business. The survey can help you protect your home or business by reducing the opportunities for crime to occur.

The survey is an evaluation of the interior and exterior of your residence or business. This is a free service provided by the Rancho Mirage Police Department.

The survey of your property will include all the advantages that are already incorporated as good CPTED strategies, the disadvantages of the facility that do not employ good CPTED strategies, all of the precautions for the facility, and recommendations to employ future CPTED strategies to help reduce the opportunity for crime to occur.

Alarm systems will also be discussed during the survey, however, the Rancho Mirage Police Department does not recommend a specific alarm system. Click here for a review of various systems to assist you.

What will be surveyed:

• Lighting
• Landscaping
• Windows and Doors
• Communication Systems
• Indoor and Outdoor Facilities and Activities
• Access and Control
• Security Systems
• Walls and Fences
• Signs
• Safe Paths and Common Areas
• Boundaries
• Public Spaces

Schedule your free CPTED Security Survey. Help us help you lower the opportunity for crime by designing it out of your neighborhood, home, facility, or business.


P.I.E. is offered free of charge by the Rancho Mirage Police Department. The program involves photographing valuables such as jewelry and art collections, completing an inventory of electronics with a detailed list of the description, make, model, and serial number and engraving an identifiable number such as a driver license number on all portable valuables such as computers, fax machines, copiers, etc. This program can be implemented by contacting your Rancho Mirage Police Crime Prevention Officer. The officer will loan you an engraver, which is used to mark all equipment. The officer can also come to your residence and assist you with the completion of the program. Benefits include:

• The marked property is more difficult for a thief to sell.
• Stolen property in the possession of a thief is easily traceable to its rightful owner.
• Found property can easily be identified and returned to the rightful owner.


The Crime Prevention section provides lectures to all sectors of the community on a wide variety of topics. A lecture may address a particular crime pattern or issue, or be more generic, based upon the request of the client. The audiences range from pre-school students to senior citizens.

Please contact Crime Prevention Officer Codi Mix @ (760) 324-4511 ext 291 for more information on any of the above programs.