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Jeremy Gleim, Director of Development Services

Planning is the first stop for anyone interested in obtaining information about what is allowed to be built in certain areas. Based on maps that show zoning and allowed uses, planners are able to tell customers what can be built at any given address, such as homes, office buildings, shopping centers, light industrial uses, or other possibilities based on the location of the property.

General Plan Update Draft Environmental Impact Report – May 2005
General Plan Update Final Environmental Impact Report – October-2005
Energy Action Plan
Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Sustainability Plan
Housing Element

The City of Rancho Mirage is updating its General Plan.  This General Plan update is not envisioned as a comprehensive rewrite of each element, but is seen more as a “technical” update to ensure compliance with recently adopted State laws; this update will also provide an opportunity to modernize the look and organization of this important policy document.  In addition, the City will use this opportunity to develop an Arts & Culture Element for inclusion in the General Plan.  Click here to go to the General Plan Update page.

Permit Process

If you are planning on developing a new project in the city of Rancho Mirage you must receive approval from various divisions within the Development Services Department before being issued a permit. The entitlement process is in place to ensure that all projects are in compliance with city ordinances and design standards.
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