WeillI am proud to have been reelected to the City Council and become Mayor on April 21, 2016. We are fortunate to have a group of five experienced and dedicated individuals whose sole objective is to make decisions that benefit our residents and business interests. Rancho Mirage has earned the reputation as an extremely well managed city. My intention is to make certain that stature continues throughout the coming year.

Success would not be possible without the support of a professional staff that works tirelessly to uphold this standard. Our experienced and respected City Manager helps guide and implement the council’s decisions.  Our City Attorney provides sound legal advice and excels at keeping us on top of the legal intricacies of municipal government.

Rancho Mirage is financially strong.  We have no outstanding debt or unfunded pension liability.  Our general fund holds a reserve equal to two years’ operating budget, sufficient resources for capital improvements and provision for emergency preparedness.  We have maintained a budget surplus every year since the City’s incorporation in 1973. In the past year, we have reopened the Rancho Mirage Community Park after an extensive renovation and expansion, including a beautiful new amphitheater. We also broke ground on the new dog park and began the process towards construction of the observatory and planetarium adjacent to our world class library.

Rancho Mirage derives 50% of its revenue from sales tax and TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax). In order to protect and grow this revenue source, we have a strong focus on economic development. Rancho Las Palmas Shopping Center, the City’s largest redevelopment project in a decade, has enjoyed a remarkable transformation which should be close to completion by year’s end. Citywide, our commercial properties are experiencing great success; and there is significant interest in new development. Additionally, Rancho Mirage resorts and hotels are doing exceptionally well and as a whole routinely report some of the strongest numbers in the region.

The ability of the Council to respond to inquiries and address issues rests with our sub-committee structure. Two City Council members participate with staff in vetting development proposals and other items of importance. The result is a level of discussion and review before a formal presentation to the City Council.

The City has approximately 100 volunteers that serve on 16 commissions and boards. The description of each commission and board is listed on the City website. Our commissions are excellent resources and voices of the community that relay ideas and recommendations on a variety of topics to the Council. Commissioners are appointed for a one-year term.

Every member of our City Council is accessible and may be contacted through city hall. We welcome your ideas and suggestions. It is important to us that we keep you informed on important topics and the many great things that our city has to offer. In addition to RMTV, the Mayor’s Message is e-blasted bi-monthly to many thousands of subscribers and the R/M Insider, the City’s newsletter, is mailed to all Rancho Mirage residents in January, October and April of each year. The City has three websites (city business, tourism and economic development) all of which can be valuable sources of information about programs and services in Rancho Mirage.

Our job in the coming year is to preserve and protect the values inherent in the 92270 zip code. With your help, we will accomplish our mission.

My very best wishes,

Mayor Ted Weill