Rancho Mirage incorporated August 3, 1973, and in 1998, celebrated its silver anniversary. For the citizens of Rancho Mirage, it was a magical 25 years.  Rancho Mirage has moved closer to being paradise since that 25th anniversary and has grown without losing the quality of life that originally attracted residents to our area even before incorporation.

The successful beginning of Rancho Mirage was the establishment of the Magnesia Falls area, as well as Thunderbird and Tamarisk Country Clubs in the ’40s and ’50s. From the beginning, Rancho Mirage was primarily a residential community.

Succeeding decades brought new assets and resources. In the ’60s commercial business expanded and “Restaurant Row” developed. The ’70s saw the incorporation of the City, which allowed property owners control over land use and development issues; Eisenhower Medical Center came into being; and five of the City’s country clubs were built.