Special Assistance Funds (SAF) Program

In 1990, the City Council implemented a special assistance funds program for nonprofits that have a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Funds are set aside each fiscal year for the purpose of allocation to community groups and organizations that provide special activities, programs or services to the citizens of the community.

The number and variety of funding requests made to the City have increased over the years.  In order to provide guidance to those groups and organizations that may wish to request funds, City staff prepared guidelines and policies for the allocation of funds.

Program Objectives

The overall objectives of the City of Rancho Mirage special assistance funding program are:

  • Protection and improvement of the living environment for the residents of Rancho Mirage;
  • Assistance to low and moderate-income households and special population groups such as the elderly, in meeting basic needs; and,
  • Enabling residents to increase or improve his/her capacity to deal with problems over the long-term without continuing public assistance.

Program Priorities

First priority for funding will be given to programs, projects or services that address basic living conditions of the citizens of Rancho Mirage, which include food and shelter.

Second priority for funding will be given to programs, projects or services that improve an individual’s or household’s health, basic living conditions and capacity to be self-sufficient, which include health care and related transportation, seniors, children and youth services.

Third priority for funding consideration will be given to programs, projects or services that improve the livability of the community but are not, of necessity, related to basic living conditions, which include arts and cultural, advocacy, animals, educational programs or services related to employment or job training, energy conservation, and other programs or services deemed necessary to support community groups and organizations.

Funding Criteria

Priority will be given in the following order based on the criteria below.


1) Food & Shelter 50%
2) Healthcare 20%
3) Seniors & Children 20%
4) Arts & Cultural  5%
5) Miscellaneous  5%


Maximum Amount Nonprofit May Request:

1) Food & Shelter $10,000
2) Healthcare/Seniors/Children $ 5,000
3) Arts & Cultural/Miscellaneous $ 5,000

These percentages may change annually in accordance with the approved budget.  The amounts may also change as recommended by the SAF Subcommittee and City Council.  The amount of contribution that may be awarded could be less than the amount requested.

Click on the headings below for documents:

SAF Objectives, Policies & Procedures (Guidelines)

Sample SAF Contract

FY 2017/2018 SAF Awards

SAF Subcommittee 

The SAF Subcommittee is comprised of two council members and a staff liaison.  The current SAF Subcommittee members are Mayor Pro Tem Iris Smotrich and Councilmember Ted Weill and the Staff Liaison Gloria Griego.

If you have any questions regarding the SAF Program, please contact Gloria Griego, Contract Specialist at (760) 324-4511, Ext. 265.

Application Process

The SAF Application process is open and will close on August 31, 2018.  Click here for SAF Application.

Please check website for periodic updates to the SAF Program.