The Public Works Department consists of three divisions: Engineering, Street Maintenance, and Facilities and Fleet Maintenance.

Jesse Eckenroth, Director of Public Works
Phone: (760) 770-3224

The City’s Public Works Department is comprised of a group of professionals committed to providing the residents with the highest level of customer service, the protection of standards that protect their high quality of life and the commitment to serving the public in a timely and professional manner.

Engineering Division

Bill Enos, City Engineer
Phone: (760) 770-3224

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, plan checking and inspection services for grading, on-site and off-site infrastructure improvements for all development, providing professional civil and engineering services for the City, other City departments and private homeowner associations as necessary. Provide project management and contract administration for City projects. The division oversees the majority of the City Capital Improvement Projects and remains committed to maintaining and upgrading the community’s infrastructure through an aggressive Capital Improvement Program, ensuring that new development meets all City standards and responding in a professional and dedicated manner to the concerns of residents and businesses alike.

Speed Limits and Regulations

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2015 Traffic Counts

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Street Location

Standard Plans

Standard Plans for Public Works Construction:

Pending NPDES Rules

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For inspection requests, please call our 24 hour inspection line at (760)324-8271 before 3 p.m. and the inspection will be done the following day. Leave the Permit Number, Address and Type of Inspection.

Pool Draining

Citizens can come by the Public Works counter and provide the address where the pool is located and the date (1 day permit) when you will be draining.

  • Fee is $15.00

Capital Improvement Program

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Street Maintenance Division

Justin Ruberg, Streets Supervisor
Phone: (760) 343-0561, Ext. 532

This division’s primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to, maintaining all public streets, storm drain systems, public rights-of-way, traffic signs, signals and safety lighting, street striping and markings, street sweeping contract administration, signage replacements, and providing the motorists with the latest advances in traffic safety. The division also assists in the continued implementation of the PM10 (Particulate Matter under 10 Micrometers in ambient air pollution) program and in developing programs to meet the requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

Facilities and Fleet Maintenance Division

Dave Martin, Facilities & Fleet Manager 
Phone: (760) 343-0561, Ext. 512

Facilities and Fleet Maintenance, a division of the Public Works Department, is headed by the Maintenance & Operations Supervisor who plans, directs and coordinates facilities maintenance for City Hall, Library, Public Works Yard, City Hall Annex, two Fire Stations, five parks, 24 centerline miles of landscaped median islands, parkways and senior housing projects. This division is also responsible for contract management services for landscaping maintenance, janitorial services, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance, fleet maintenance and numerous other service contracts to perform routine and extraordinary maintenance services.