The Housing Authority Board was created to act as the voting authority to promote the development and retention of affordable housing, and provide residents with decent, safe and sanitary residential units. The five-member City Council serves on the Board.

Serving as an advisory panel to the Board, the Rancho Mirage Housing Commission consists of community members appointed by the City Council and meets on issues concerning housing.

Additionally, the Housing Authority Department staff (made up of City employees) reviews and makes recommendations to the Housing Authority Board to provide financial assistance and policy direction for the development of affordable housing.

Programs offered within the Housing division include:

The Housing Authority’s portfolio includes several low-income communities. Please visit our Affordable Housing page for a complete listing of property locations and amenities.

Home Improvement Program (HIP)

In June, 2011, the State Legislature took action to dissolve redevelopment programs in California.  As a result, the Rancho Mirage Redevelopment Agency was eliminated and with it the funding for the Home Improvement Program.  Due to the loss of funding, the HIP will not be available after June 13, 2013.  Click here to read more about the suspension of the Home Improvement Program.

2014 Mobilehome Residency Law Guide

This document explains California’s 1978 Mobilehome Residency Law and the “Rights and Responsibilities” of mobile home owners.

Major changes in the Mobilehome Residency law as a result of new laws enacted by the Legislature in 2012 include:

  • Rental agreements must now also contain notice informing the homeowner of the existence of Mobilehome Residency Law. The required notice must include specified language which notifies the homeowner of certain important provisions of the Mobilehome Residency Law.
  • A homeowner to who signs a long-term rental agreement (exempt from rent control), and to whom management does not provide with a copy of the signed rental agreement at the time the homeowner returns the signed rental agreement to management, may void the agreement within 72 hours of receiving an executed copy of the rental agreement.
  • Low and very low income thresholds are updated to the 2013 levels for Riverside County: 1 person household low-income $37,550, very low-income $23,450; 2 person household low-income $42,900, very low-income $26,800; 3 person household low-income $48,250, very low-income $30,150.

Mobilehome Residency Law-Rights and Responsibilities

Please let us know if we may assist you with any of the programs listed above or with any other issues related to housing.

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