Rancho Mirage is a Charter City operating under the Council-Manager form of government; the City is governed by five council members with each council person serving as mayor on an annually rotating basis. The City Council appoints the City Manager who is responsible for carrying out the Council’s visions and policies, and for overseeing the City’s day-to-day administrative operations. The City Manager oversees the following city departments and divisions: Administration/Legal, Administrative Services, City Clerk, Development Services, Economic Development and Marketing, Finance, Housing, Library, and Public Works.

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Within the separate departments, duties include administration of the City budget, processing of land use entitlements, annexations, coordination of assessment districts, analysis of housing and population characteristics, coordination of commissions, contract management, and housing activities, personnel management, financial operations, computer operations, purchasing, risk management, emergency preparedness, business licensing, and investment of City funds. The City Manager also administers the City’s Tickets & Passes Distribution Policy in accordance with Section 18944.1 of the California Code of Regulations.

Isaiah Hagerman, City Manager

Isaiah Hagerman was appointed to the position of Rancho Mirage City Manager on May 17, 2018 by the City Council.

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The Rancho Mirage City Attorney, Steven B. Quintanilla of The Law Offices of Quintanilla & Associates, manages the legal affairs of the City of Rancho Mirage and its related agencies, the Rancho Mirage Redevelopment Agency and the Rancho Mirage Housing Authority. The City Attorney provides legal advice to the City Council, the City Manager, city staff, and the city’s various boards and commissions. The City Attorney represents the city in legal proceedings to enforce city ordinances, and provides, either directly or through special counsel, for the representation of the city in civil matters. The City Attorney drafts and reviews necessary legal documents such as ordinances, contracts, and resolutions. The City Attorney assists the City Council in formulating and implementing programs and policies maintaining and enhancing Rancho Mirage’s reputation as a desirable place to live, work, and visit.

Steven  B. Quintanilla
Law Offices of Quintanilla & Associates
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