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Emergency Preparedness Commission

The Commission consists 15 members who are appointed by the City Council. The Commission was established in 1998 to effectively deal with the possibility of man-made and natural emergencies such as major earthquakes, floods, extended power outages, terrorism, hazardous material and other problems. The Commission’s main purpose is to prepare and train citizens and business for any possible emergency. It has progressed from an advisory body to an operational task force. Representatives of Home Owner Associations, gated communities and neighborhoods are especially encouraged to attend. (Res. Nos. 98-18, 98-22, 2003-33, 2006-49, 2010-20, & 2013-11)


  • Marcia Meyers Stein, Chair
  • H. Roger Barry, Vice-Chair
  • Fred Bland
  • Lynn Coker
  • Dr. Paul R. Copeskey, D.C.
  • Bea Cortez
  • Claudia E. Fausett
  • Alvin Greenwalt
  • Megan Lee
  • Virginia Luhring
  • James McFarlin
  • Cyann Proodian
  • Dave Richardson
  • Mary Lou Suter
  • Dennis Mileti, PhD (Technical Advisor)
  • Dr. David Tang, M.D. (Medical Advisor)

Staff Liaison

Britt Wilson, Management Analyst

Meeting Schedule

The Community Emergency Preparedness Commission is regularly scheduled to meet quarterly (or more often as deemed appropriate).  The meetings are held at 2:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the quarter in which the meetings occur. For specific meeting date, please call City Hall at (760)-324-4511. 

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