Scope of Duties and Authority of Boards & Commissions

The City Council is accountable to the citizens of Rancho Mirage for its actions and, therefore, cannot delegate its policy making responsibility. However, because this is a complex and far-reaching responsibility, the City Council welcomes the input of advisory bodies in the many different areas affected by municipal government. The City Council creates commissions either by adoption of an ordinance or a resolution. The ordinance or resolution adopted to create each commission includes specific language describing the duties and responsibilities of that commission. Commissioners should become familiar with the legislated duties and responsibilities assigned to the commission on which they serve.

It should be remembered that commissions, boards and committees serve as advisory bodies to the City Council; they cannot commit City resources, direct staff, or establish policy for the City. Their primary role is to increase public input and participation in the determination of City policies and operating procedures.

For more information regarding City Boards & Commissions, please contact the City Clerk’s office at (760) 324-4511 or via email at

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